This castle is no 2 of all tourist attractions in U.S., after Disneyland. I can understand why. If you have never been to any of the European historical cities, it is a perfect all-in-one solution: see the Egyptian statues, Italian ceilings, Spanish doors, Greek sculptures and so on, all wrapped up in an American dream castle!

Casa Grande, the main building.

The modest pool area.

On the top of the mountain.

The castle and its surroundings is the project of William R. Hearst, a mediamogul and son of a wealthy family, who adored Europe. Nowadays the property belongs to Californian state.

Criticism aside, the place was fantastic to see. Most importantly (to us :), Mr. Hearst was also friend to all the Hollywood stars in the beginning of the 20th century, and they spent time in the castle.
”Think what it would have been like to run around here in swimwear with Cary Grant…”, dreamed Miss H.
”Would it be like Robbie Williams of the days gone by?” I laughed.
”Maybe… Order some drinks to the pool…”
”I would prefer Clark Gable”, Orvokki smiled.

In the huge main room of the castle it was easy to imagine how things were back then. The magazines and martinis on the side tables, the piano and poker tables, a huge fireplace and comfy sofa – all a bit dusty and breathing the spirit of the 1930’s.

The tiles were made in Murano, Italy, covered with 24 carat gold. This picture (above) is from the Roman in-house spa, in case you want to have a bath with Cary Grant when it rains outside… 🙂

Okay, it’s easy to make things look medieval, but something tells me that we’re on another continent. 🙂

All in all, well worth a visit! But now to the vineyards.


P.S. Guess, which town is 24 hours from Tulsa? Santa Barbara! Just check the Google Maps. 😉