We had such a fantastic week in NYC with my family that I need to share some of the best moments with you. 

Cosmopolitans at Duplex.

The first one happened on Tuesday night, after a day in the Midtown and a delicious dinner in cozy The Little Owl, Greenwich Village. When we had a full stomach, the young ones (Markus & Annika) took a taxi home, but the rest of us walked to  Caliente Cab for gigantic frozen margaritas, and after that, to Duplex Piano Bar. For me, it’s a must-visit every time. The piano playing and singers are almost like on Broadway, and the show is really spontaneous and fun. Someone from behind the counter just steps up to the stage and starts singing like Karen Cartwright in Smash.

My godmother Tuulikki got this trip as a her birthday present last year, so she was happy to jump into the role of a birthday girl. She got a rose from the piano player and some special attention, as you can see below (please ignore my laughing… ;).

When we left after 11 pm (damn timezones, it felt more like 3 am!), Tuulikki finally got the chance to use her English skills: hug the piano player and say ”I love you!”.

Go there, it’s more fun than Alanmies’ and my mom’s faces suggest. 🙂