I have heard that Las Vegas is something you need to experience to believe. And now I agree. We knew how the wedding chapels, hotels and neonlights on the Strip would look like. We knew that there is a casino in every hotel, where you can play all night long. And we knew that world-class entertainers have their shows over there.

But still.

When you finish your drink under the tall pseudo-Italian arches and Michelangelo-like ceiling paintings of The Venetian and hear the never-ending jingle of the one-handed bandits mixed with classical opera songs from the hotel’s loudspeakers, you understand. Most of all, this is an ongoing festival for grown-ups. Eat, drink, smoke, play and get entertained. Move from Venice to Paris and then to Egypt in ten minutes. It’s all within reach. It’s hard to do anything else. ”Awesome” (mahtava) was the most used word yesterday.

But what am I trying to explain: you have to come and feel it. I’ll just post a couple of pics.

Gladys Knight performed in Tropicana.
”Licence to kill”, ”Midnight train to Georgia”…
What a singer!Align Centre

The Bellaggio fountain, ”with the same music as in Ocean’s eleven!”
Unfortunately, Matt Damon didn’t show up.

Say cheese! The night is still young…

And for the rest of the night…well.

What happens in Vegas – you know. 😉