I’m not a person who could sit still and spend weeks at a summer cottage, but if I’m getting this view from a bedroom window, I might change my opinion. 
Below some photo memories from a fantastic weekend in June. I travelled with five friends from Helsinki & Stockholm for a double 40-year birthday celebration in
Havsvidden, Åland
Being the most junior, I bought some vintage Taittinger to the others, for consolation.
 Finland’s Hamptons? 
 I fell in love with the combination of the rocky island and the modern houses.

Alanmies was the only one brave enough to take a dip in the sea on the first day.
(See the white bathrobe in the horizon?)
What’s a dinner by the sea without nubbar and songs? 
Just avoid Beska droppar!
Hanna and Heli had prepared Korean ribs from Melker Andersson’s cook book.
Nightless night. The best of Finnish summer.
 Breakfast buffé at the hotel with ålandspannkakor – local pancakes.
 After Friday’s sunshine we got some rain on Saturday. 
So we continued relaxing in-house.
Preparing for the upcoming Europe Championships in fotball with Zlatan’s biography. 
TV Shop. The guys looking for solutions to the 40-year crisis?

We girls tried out the Moomin-house type of ”sauna” by the sea.
Wind was blowing through the panels, so we escaped back to our house via a warm jacuzzi.
(Maybe this indeed cool bastu was built by Swedes? 🙂
Heli and I made a birthday cake with strawberries and cherries.
Served with coffee and excellent dessert wine.
 Dinner at Havsvidden’s restaurant. 
The lamb was heavenly, but nothing was wrong (and this is a Finnish way to compliment! 🙂 with ”three tastes from Åland” either.
 Stallhagen brewery is only ten kilometres away.

After the rain.
And finally, what does a 40-year old male need for a luxury weekend? 
Answer: a sauna (must be warm 24/7), a bathrobe and a selection of beer. 
”Dinner at the hotel? Does that mean we need to put some clothes on?!?”